Unprecedented Victory Achieved Regarding Cars with Tinted Windows
2011 january 26 d.
On 23/12/2010 the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (SACL) adopted a resolution forming a new practice regarding cars with tinted windows.
Non-Pecuniary Damage Compensation of LTL 10.000 Adjudged from Klaipėda County Chief Police Commissariat for Protection of Personal Honour and Dignity
2010 december 09 d.
This case once again reaffirmed a rule that it is most difficult to sue the state. The final decision was made just after almost five years of litigation.
A Farmer Defended in the Case of Attempt to Adjudge LTL 84818.57 for Alleged Damage of Grazed Grassland
2010 december 09 d.
A Client of the Law Firm “Žlioba & Žlioba“, a farmer was sued by the company manufacturing food for horses ”Goldengrass” for grazing the grassland.
Dismissal of an Employee from Šilutė Agricultural School was Acknowledged as Illegal
2010 december 07 d.
Dismissal of an employee from Šilutė Agricultural School was illegal. However the Client of the Law Firm “Žlioba & Žlioba“ managed to prove this only after instructions of the Supreme Court of Lithuania to courts of lower instance. The case lasted two years.