About Us



A Client is most important to us therefore we do not create illusions and do not follow them. We are realists. We always assess the real situation. The knowledge and experience available allow us to look ahead and see the prospects in the future that await our Client. We do not conceal anything and do not paint in bright colours since a correctly formulated problem is already half of its solution. When you know it you will also know what to do. We are just that. Therefore we chose a key as our symbol – a symbol of knowledge, experience, reliability and search for truth.

Our value – honest legal services

Five attorneys are working in the Law Firm “Žlioba & Žlioba” located in the city centre of Klaipėda. It is one of the largest law firms in Western Lithuania. Attorneys of the Law Firm “Žlioba & Žlioba” represent their Clients in the courts of all instances of the Republic of Lithuania as well as in the European Court of Human Rights. Legal advice is provided in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.